Storyteller Supply:

Free hand painted and handwritten papergoods by Morgan Harper-Nichols


Here's what to do:

Step 1: Click here to sign up to be randomly selected for a free package of 2-3 postcards and other paper goods each month (a handful of people will be picked each month, but please only sign up one time!).

Step 2:. Click here to see if your name was announced as a WINNER in one of the live streams! (Follow Morgan Harper Nichols on Instagram or Facebook to catch one of the live streams for a chance to win, and help other people win too!)

Step 3:. Click here to become a sponsor and you'll automatically get a package and also, you'll be helping at least one person a month get a package, too!

Listen to the song on YouTube (Storyteller, Morgan Harper-Nichols)


What to do after you get your postcards

1. Share your postcards on social media using the hashtag #StorytellerSupply

No two stories are the same, so no two postcards are the same. However, as you look through the hashtag, you will notice that you might see some postcards and paper goods that have similar colors and styles. Our stories are the same way! We are not the same, but have things in common with people around the world. Even if it's something small. Share your postcards on the #storytellersupply hashtag to see where, when and what others are sharing around the world.

2. Give one to a friend!

If you read a postcard and it makes you think of a friend, your sibling, your roommate, a coworker or a classmate, pass it on. Write them a note on a back. Leave it on their desk. Remind someone that their story matters and no matter the mountains and valleys they've experienced, there is more to come, and they are wrapped in endless, boundless, grace.

3. Become a sponsor!

The list of people who have signed up to receive postcards is growing by the hundreds everyday. We won't be able to send them without you! The more people who are able to sponsor, the more postcards go out each month. It's only $7/mo. Click here to get started!